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20 March 2017

A fire-station building refurbishment, first Valencia’s CEPPI action

Valencia has started working on its first procurement of innovation intervention: the refurbishment of a fire-station building constructed in the 1970s. InnDEA Valencia detected there was a need to renovate the facilities, as there were many deficiencies in terms of comfort for the firemen and firewomen, and energy efficiency and costs.

The building has a central heating system that does not allow for variable temperatures in different rooms, so it cannot be adjusted for the needs of the individual parts of the building. A similar problem affects the lights of the facility. Other possibilities for innovation and energy saving were identified in the vehicles being used by the fire-brigade. InnDEA Valencia, partner in the project, and the fire station staff have signed a memorandum of understanding to show their commitment to start a PPI intervention for the refurbishment of the building.

The first step to be taken is to carry out an energy audit of the facilities, planned for the upcoming weeks. Afterwards, the CEPPI intervention will start in this highly promising PPI demonstration case.
13 January 2017

Free innovation procurement assistance offered to European procurers

The eafip initiative is offering 12 public procurers from EU Member States interested in improving their innovation procurement activities (both pre-commercial procurement and public procurement of innovation) the chance to gain targeted assistance. Selected procurers will be guided through the start-up and implementation of an innovation procurement process, including legal assistance.

Procurers will be selected on the basis of four criteria: concrete interest and commitment to starting a PCP or PPI project, the potential impact of the procurement, geographical balance of the cases across EU Member States, and level of experience in the implementation of innovation procurement projects. To take part, applicants must complete an online questionnaire.

The deadline for applications is 14 February 2017. The EU-funded eafip initiative aims to promote innovation procurement and provide assistance to public procurers to help them carry out the procurement of innovative ICT based solutions. The project runs from 2015 - 2017.

For more information and to apply, visit the eafip website.
2 December 2016

Winners of the Procura+ Awards announced

Procurers from Denmark, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands took home the 2016 Procura+ Awards at a ceremony in Malmö (Sweden) on Wednesday, 30th November. The awards recognise the most outstanding procurement activities carried out in Europe in three categories. The award ceremony was held as part of the Sustainable City Development conference, an international event exploring how cities can work towards implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The City of Copenhagen (Denmark) beat off competition in the category "Sustainable procurement of the year" for its procurement of healthy, sustainable, biodiverse and appetising food. The city aims to ensure that 90 percent of all food procured by the municipality should be organic. Transport for London was awarded “Innovation procurement of the year”. The British capital’s public transport operator sought to reduce the whole life-cycle cost associated with lighting the expansive London Underground network. Rijkswaterstaat (RWS), the body within the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment responsible for infrastructure facilities, was recognised in the category "Tender procedure of the year". RWS used an innovative contract to procure the works and services necessary to widen the A6 motorway.

“I would like to congratulate each award winner for their fantastic achievement. Each organisation has demonstrated how procurement can be used as a valuable tool to achieve strategic sustainability aims,” said Åsa Karlsson Björkmarker, Deputy Mayor, Växjö. The Procura+ Awards are held as part of ICLEI Europe’s Procura+ Network, a network of public authorities at the forefront of sustainable and innovation procurement in Europe.

For more information, read the Press Release.

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