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28 October 2015

Austrian wastted">ewatted">er rted">ecycling systted">em wins prizted">e for most innovativted">e procurted">emted">ent in ted">Europted">e

Thted">e procurted">emted">ent of a machinted">e that vaporisted">es wastted">e-watted">er to rted">emovted">e wastted">e particlted">es saw thted">e Fted">edted">eral Procurted">emted">ent Agted">ency of Austria awardted">ed thted">e Public Procurted">emted">ent of Innovation Award at a cted">erted">emony in Paris (Francted">e) last night. Thted">e Fted">edted">eral Procurted">emted">ent Agted">ency rted">ected">eivted">ed a trophy for innovation procurted">emted">ent ted">excted">ellted">encted">e, togted">ethted">er with thted">e titlted">e “ted">Europted">ean innovation procurted">emted">ent of thted">e yted">ear”. Thted">ey will also havted">e a casted">e study publishted">ed on thted">e targted">et="_blank" >Procurted">emted">ent of Innovation Platform in thted">e coming wted">eted">eks.

Four othted">er finalists from across ted">Europted">e wted">erted">e also in compted">etition for thted">e award (morted">e information on ted">each finalist is availablted">e on thted">e targted">et="_blank" >PPI Platform wted">ebsitted">e). “Thted">e quality of ted">each of thted">e finalists mted">eant that choosing thted">e ovted">erall winnted">er was vted">ery difficult. It was an ted">excted">eptionally closted">e compted">etition,” said Mark Hidson, Dted">eputy Rted">egional Dirted">ector at ICLted">EI ted">Europted">e and jury mted">embted">er. “Wted">e fted">elt that thted">e procurted">emted">ent of thted">e vaporising systted">em bted">est showcasted">ed thted">e imprted">essivted">e work bted">eing carrited">ed out, as wted">ell as thted">e typted">e of solution that public procurted">emted">ent of innovation can achited">evted">e. Thted">e procurted">emted">ent brought togted">ethted">er thted">e institutional knowlted">edgted">e of public procurted">ers with thted">e ingted">enuity of thted">e privatted">e sted">ector.”

Thted">e innovativted">e solution is usted">ed by thted">e Austrian mint to clted">ean watted">er contaminatted">ed during thted">e production of coins and notted">es. Vaporisation of thted">e wastted">e-watted">er takted">es placted">e in a vacuum, allowing for frted">esh watted">er and wastted">e particlted">es to bted">e sted">eparatted">ed. Oncted">e thted">e filtted">ering procted">ess is complted">etted">e, 97 pted">ercted">ent of thted">e watted">er can bted">e rted">eusted">ed. Thted">e cted">erted">emony was hted">eld as part of thted">e ted">Europted">ean Assistancted">e for Innovation Procurted">emted">ent ted">evted">ent, organisted">ed by targted">et="_blank" >ted">EAFIP.

For morted">e information, visit thted">e targted">et="_blank" >PPI Platform.
6 October 2015

Innovativted">e financing mted">ethod hted">elps citited">es to rted">eplacted">e inted">efficited">ent strted">eted">et lights

An innovativted">e mted">ethod of financing thted">e upgradted">e of strted">eted">et lights is bted">eing promotted">ed to local govted">ernmted">ents by a nted">ew ted">EU-fundted">ed projted">ect. Strted">eted">et lighting can account for up to 50 pted">ercted">ent of a municipality’s total ted">elted">ectricity consumption - by applying modted">ern tted">echnology, such as light ted">emitting diodted">es (Lted">EDs), a rted">eduction in ted">elted">ectricity usted">e of bted">etwted">eted">en 30 and 70 pted">ercted">ent can bted">e achited">evted">ed.

Thted">e Strted">eted">etlight-ted">EPC projted">ect hted">elps local authoritited">es to avail of targted">et="_blank" >ted">Ented">ergy Pted">erformancted">e Contracting (ted">EPC), a procted">ess whted">erted">eby rted">eplacted">emted">ent and rted">efurbishmted">ent costs arted">e covted">erted">ed by an ted">extted">ernal ted">ented">ergy sted">ervicted">e company (ted">ESCO), who is thted">en rted">eimbursted">ed through thted">e cost savings gted">ented">eratted">ed as a rted">esult of thted">e lowted">er ted">elted">ectricity consumption. As such, thted">e ted">ESCO will not rted">ected">eivted">e paymted">ent unlted">ess significant ted">ented">ergy savings arted">e achited">evted">ed.

Thted">e ted">EPC approach has thted">e bted">ented">efit of transfted">erring thted">e risk from thted">e local authority to thted">e ted">ESCO. Thted">e projted">ect is carrying out ted">EPC projted">ects in ninted">e ted">Europted">ean rted">egions, including thted">e ted">establishmted">ent of hted">elpdted">esks that providted">e support to municipalitited">es and SMted">Es. Thted">e projted">ect is particularly timted">ely, as undted">er an targted">et="_blank" >ted">EU Rted">egulation 80 pted">ercted">ent of currted">ently usted">ed strted">eted">et lamps arted">e to bted">e phasted">ed out by 2017.

For morted">e information, visit thted">e targted">et="_blank" >Strted">eted">etlight-ted">EPC wted">ebsitted">e.
22 September 2015

Procura+ Sted">eminar to look at thted">e futurted">e of procurted">emted">ent in ted">Europted">e

Thted">e challted">engted">e of dted">esigning procurted">emted">ent procted">essted">es that will hted">elp to build a low carbon futurted">e will bted">e discussted">ed at thted">e 2015 Procura+ Sted">eminar, sted">et to takted">e placted">e in Barcted">elona (Spain) on 11 Novted">embted">er 2015. Primarily aimted">ed at procurted">emted">ent practitionted">ers, ted">expted">erts and policy-makted">ers, thted">e ted">evted">ent will bted">e highly intted">eractivted">e, ted">encouraging discussion and dted">ebatted">e among participants. Rted">egistration is targted">et="_blank" >availablted">e onlinted">e until 16 Octobted">er 2015.

Thted">e sted">eminar will placted">e a focus on practical issuted">es facing procurted">ers, ted">exploring how sustainability can bted">e bted">ettted">er intted">egratted">ed into procted">essted">es. Participants will bted">e brokted">en up into groups basted">ed on thted">eir profted">essional rolted">es, ted">enabling thted">em to dted">elvted">e in-dted">epth into spted">ecific issuted">es and to lted">earn from othted">ers facing similar challted">engted">es. Following thted">e Procura+ Sted">eminar, thted">e Procura+ Participants and National Partnted">ers' mted">eted">eting will takted">e placted">e on 12 Novted">embted">er from 9.00-14.30.

Thted">e ted">evted">ent is organisted">ed by ICLted">EI togted">ethted">er with Barcted">elona City Council, Barcted">elona Mted">etropolitan Arted">ea, and Barcted">elona Provincial Council (Spain), in coopted">eration with thted">e targted">et="_blank" >GPP 2020 projted">ect consortium. Placted">es arted">e limitted">ed so ted">early rted">egistration is advisted">ed. Dted">etailted">ed information about thted">e programmted">e, thted">e vted">enuted">e and hotted">el options arted">e availablted">e on thted">e targted">et="_blank" >Procura+ Sted">eminar Sted">erited">es wted">ebsitted">e.

For morted">e information, contact targted">et="_blank" >barcted">elona2015@iclted">

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