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26 October 2016

Municipalities encouraged to change street lights to reduce costs

Cities across Europe are being encouraged to use energy performance contracting (EPC) to install more efficient street-lighting, using the money saved through lower electricity bills to fund the conversion costs. Old street lighting systems account for between 30 - 50 percent of municipalities' total energy consumption, but new lighting technology can achieve energy savings of between 30 - 70 percent.

EU legislation reflects the potential for energy savings to be achieved through the conversion of lighting infrastructure, mandating that currently used lamps are phased out by 2017. LED technology offers greater efficiency and quality, with relatively short payback periods in terms of EPC.

The project “Streetlight – EPC” is working with municipalities in nine European regions to use EPC to install greener street lighting. Regional EPC facilitation helpdesks have been set up in each of the project regions, providing one-on-one support to both municipalities and SMEs. The project aims to implement 36 EPC projects, triggering €49 million in investments and achieving annual savings of 32,100 MWh and €4.8 million.

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