Castelló, situated on the Costa del Azahar (Spain), is a city of medieval origin. It preserves it provincial charm and its endearing traditions, while keeps on developing and boosting innovation.


Sustainable and innovation procurement policies and actions

The municipality is mainly responsible for procurement but there are some structural investments that are responsibility of the regional government. Procurement is governed by national and regional legislation.

Castelló has a commitment to carbon reduction, focused on reducing the energy consumption in buildings, adapting energy network to integrate renewable energy production, developing energy storage systems and promoting more sustainable low-carbon transport systems.

Sustainable development projects

In 2009, the municipality became a signatory of the Covenant of Mayors, the “world’s biggest urban climate and energy initiative”. In 2015, the city finished the update of its commitment document, that includes new actions in order to achieve the 2020 targets.

Castelló has also developed an Urban Mobility Action Plan, that can be downloaded here. The city has a public rental bike service and an electrical tram that crosses the city from west to east. The municipality is installing charging points for electric vehicles and has four electric vehicles for municipal workers.

The municipality has an incubator of new business ideas related with energy efficiency and sustainability. The building is also a living lab to test new innovations related with energy efficiency in buildings.








direct energy use (GWh/year)




CO 2 reduction target by 2020
(compared to 2008)



did you know?

city in Spain has a guided bus - Castelló!

Market sounding prospectus for school energy transformation

Castelló launched a market sounding prior to a tender for extensive transformation of the City schools. The preliminary consultation to the market aims to create a space for technical dialogue with all parts of the supply chain, and economic and innovation agents. The requirement concerns the energy transformation of schools of the city to maximise energy efficient operation and achieve functional transformation of the buildings and school environment. Castelló has secured ERDF funding for this transformation programme. This programme will begin with a pilot project in order to deliver the outcomes described above.

Read the market sounding prospectus