Within the project, the CEPPI partners produced reports and other tools of interest for public authorities implementing SPP and PPI practices. All resources produced are available in this section.

Energy Innovation Procurement: A Guide For City Authorities

This Guide provides a multi-level approach for ambitious City authorities that wish to achieve transformational energy outcomes across the city. It includes the methodology that was created and applied within the CEPPI project known as the ‘Flexible Framework for Energy Innovation Procurement’, approaches to needs identification and planning, and strategies for procurement interventions to achieve innovation.

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Download the CEPPI Flexible Framework


Summarised versions available in other languages

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Final Case Study Report

This final case study based report aims to capture the learning and insights gained in the CEPPI Living Labs, which we hope will be of value to other public sector organisations and indeed public policy makers. It describes the interventions that can be used in support of mobilising the use of public procurement for innovation and sustainability. In addition, it highlights the importance of creating the right framework conditions for energy innovation procurement within city authorities.

Download a copy of the Case Study Report

CEPPI learning materials

This series of PowerPoint presentations has been prepared to communicate key insights, know-how and key skills in innovation related procurement. They focus on key aspects of pro-innovation procurement and supplement the material found in the CEPPI Final Case Study Report and Energy Innovation Procurement: A Guide For City Authorities.

Download the materials here:

1. Introduction to innovation related procurement

2. Needs identification

3. Market engagement in pro-innovation procurement

4. Pro-innovation tendering

Interim Case Study Report

This report details the activities around capacity building, awareness raising and action learning in innovation procurement within the CEPPI project. It also shows how identification of energy Hot Spots and intervention targets took place. Interim Case Study Reports of Castelló (Spain), Valencia (Spain), Wrocław (Poland) Budapest (Hungary), Birmingham (UK) are followed by conclusions and learning from the project so far. 

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Foresighting Report

The report considers emerging technical and financial solutions for energy efficiency and sustainable energy that may provide a focus for future innovation.  The potential for procurement to drive technical and financial innovation in the supply chain and achieve better energy outcomes is then addressed. This report proposes that cities compare their existing initiatives in the key areas of energy generation, storage, distribution and consumption to the technical and procurement frameworks being developed in CEPPI to identify gaps and the actions required to address them. 

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Foresighting Roadmaps - Overview and Synthesis Report

The Foresighting Roadmaps aim to:

  • Provide a context to identify the potential role of City authorities in addressing City energy system challenges
  • Provide evidence to support the case for action by Cities
  • Identify state of the art technical and financial innovations
  • Identify how City authorities can use their own and wider City stakeholder‘s procurement to drive demand for innovation
  • Provide a flexible framework as a tool to enable City authorities to make more effective use of Public Procurement of Innovation
  • Develop City-specific Foresighting Roadmaps with objectives and actions that go to the end of the CEPPI project and beyond

This Overview and Synthesis Report aims to provide a simple snapshot of the process and results of the roadmapping exercise undertaken by CEPPI cities.

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City Specific Foresighting Roadmaps - guidance and template document

This guidance document has been prepared to support the development of a foresighting roadmap with objectives and actions to improve energy outcomes via innovation procurement. 

The scope of this roadmap is focused on objectives and actions that an individual or team can carry out rather than being a roadmap for the whole City Authority or wider City.

Download a copy of the guidance and template document

Useful links

- EAFIP Toolkit: It aims to provide support to policy makers in designing PCP and PPI strategies, and to procurers and their legal departments in implementing such procurements. Module 1 is a strategic module addressed to policy makers, providing economic and case evidence about the impacts and benefits of PCP and PPI, together with concrete guidance on how to embed PCP and PPI into innovation strategies. You can download Module 1 here

- SP Platform: The online hub for sustainable procurement, providing resources, good examples of SPP in action and news on the topic. Visit here

- PPI Platform: The Procurement of Innovation Platform is a one-stop online hub for procurers, policy makers, researchers and other stakeholders interested in procurement of innovation. Visit here

- Buying Green! Handbook:  The Handbook is the European Commission's main guidance document to help public authorities buy goods and services with a lower environmental impact. It is also a useful reference for policy makers and companies responding to green tenders. Download it here