CEPPI Learning Materials

This series of PowerPoint presentations has been prepared to communicate key insights, know-how and key skills in innovation related procurement. They are intended to focus on key aspects of pro-innovation procurement and supplement the material found in the CEPPI Final Case Study Report and Energy Innovation Procurement: A Guide For City Authorities.

1. Introduction to innovation related procurement

Pro-innovation procurement is “undertaking the procurement process in a way that stimulates the supply chain to invest in developing better and more innovative goods and services to meet the unmet needs of an organisation”. This set of materials introduces the concept and provides guidance for getting started.

Download the Introduction to innovation related procurement

2. Needs identification

Uncovering unmet needs and future requirements is the starting point and essential first step for pro-innovation procurement interventions. You have to know what your needs are. If no one questions the status quo, then business continues as normal.

Download the Needs identification module

3. Market engagement in pro-innovation procurement

The focus of this module is market engagement, which in this context concerns pre-tender engagement with the supply chain. It explores the 'why' and 'how' of market engagement, in the context of pro-innovation procurement.

Download the Market engagement in pro-innovation procurement module

4. Pro-innovation tendering

This slide pack looks at how the tendering process can be used to stimulate and support the uptake of innovation. New technologies create new opportunities: discover how procurement can stimulate this.

Download the Pro-innovation tendering module