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23 June 2016

Athens to host the second major EAFIP event

The second major European Assistance for Innovation Procurement (eafip) event will take place in the National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government (EKDDA) in Athens, Greece from 18 to 19 October 2016.

This two-day event targets procurers, policy makers, procurement law firms and businesses, and its main aim is to raise awareness about the most recent outcomes from major pre-commercial procurement (PCP) and public procurement of innovation (PPI) initiatives across Europe, and organise networking between stakeholders to discuss best practice, new ideas, initiatives and current funding opportunities for PCP/PPI.

During the first day, topics such as how to tackle public challenges through innovation procurement, and joint cross-border procurement will be covered. Some experiences related to innovation procurement in Europe will be presented. The second day will be focused on upcoming H2020 funding opportunities in 2016-2017 for supporting innovation procurement projects in Europe, and the scope of some different calls.

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16 June 2016

Procura+ Awards invites applications from public procurers

The Procura+ Awards recognise successful sustainable and innovative public procurements that lead to the improvement of public goods, services, processes, and infrastructure. Public procurers are invited to apply for the awards. To be recognised, the procured solutions must have a strong potential for replication and should be an excellent showcase for using sustainable and innovative procurement instruments.

The awards are separated into three categories: 'Sustainable Procurement of the Year' recognises the outstanding environmental, social and economic impacts of the procurement; 'Innovation Procurement of the Year' acknowledges an impressive procurement of innovation and the public authority as a launch customer; and 'Tender Procedure of the Year' rewards procurers that took an exceptional approach to sustainable and innovation procurement.

Winners will receive free entry and a presentation at the next EcoProcura conference, a case study on the SP Platform and PPI Platform, publicity in a variety of ICLEI publications, a trophy and the title 'Best sustainable procurement/innovation procurement/tender procedure of 2016', one year free participation in the Procura+ Network, and the right to use the Procura+ Award logo in their email signature.

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8 June 2016

Final chance to register for EUSEW session on the role of local governments in energy transition

Local governments are at the forefront of sustainable energy development in Europe and they play a leadership role in the Energy Union and the development of a single energy market. To discuss how sub-national governments can operate in the governance of the Energy Union, five networks – Climate Alliance, EnergyCities, EuroCities, Fedarene and ICLEI – will bring together Peter van Kemseke, Cabinet Expert, Energy Union, European Commission; Ronan Dantec, Senator for the Loire-Atlantique, France; Joos Venken, Deputy Mayor, Hasselt, Belgium; and Stephan Brandligt, Deputy Mayor, Delft, The Netherlands, to take part in the event “Energy Union: local leadership driving the transition”.

The session, moderated by Kata Tüto, Representative of Local Government of District 12 of Budapest (Hungary) and Committee of the Regions Rapporteur on the Covenant of Mayors, will take place on 15 June within the Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels (Belgium). Today is the final day to register for the event. The five networks have recently issued a joint statement stating the three musts for a new collaborative planning regime for the Energy Union Governance.

The statement is a call to include local and regional governments in the planning processes of the Energy Union, as well as in the development and implementation of the national energy and climate plans. The panel at the event will share their views on a multi-level partnership for the roll-out of the Energy Union, reflect upon energy market regulation and discuss how to best tap the potential of decentralised approaches for a sustainable energy transition.

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