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23 June 2016

Athted">ens to host thted">e sted">econd major ted">EAFIP ted">evted">ent

Thted">e sted">econd major ted">Europted">ean Assistancted">e for Innovation Procurted">emted">ent (ted">eafip) ted">evted">ent will takted">e placted">e in thted">e National Cted">entrted">e for Public Administration and Local Govted">ernmted">ent (targted">et="_blank" >ted">EKDDA) in Athted">ens, Grted">eted">ected">e from 18 to 19 Octobted">er 2016.

This two-day ted">evted">ent targted">ets procurted">ers, policy makted">ers, procurted">emted">ent law firms and businted">essted">es, and its main aim is to raisted">e awarted">ented">ess about thted">e most rted">ected">ent outcomted">es from major prted">e-commted">ercial procurted">emted">ent (PCP) and public procurted">emted">ent of innovation (PPI) initiativted">es across ted">Europted">e, and organisted">e nted">etworking bted">etwted">eted">en stakted">eholdted">ers to discuss bted">est practicted">e, nted">ew idted">eas, initiativted">es and currted">ent funding opportunitited">es for PCP/PPI.

During thted">e first day, topics such as how to tacklted">e public challted">engted">es through innovation procurted">emted">ent, and joint cross-bordted">er procurted">emted">ent will bted">e covted">erted">ed. Somted">e ted">expted">erited">encted">es rted">elatted">ed to innovation procurted">emted">ent in ted">Europted">e will bted">e prted">ested">entted">ed. Thted">e sted">econd day will bted">e focusted">ed on upcoming H2020 funding opportunitited">es in 2016-2017 for supporting innovation procurted">emted">ent projted">ects in ted">Europted">e, and thted">e scopted">e of somted">e diffted">erted">ent calls.

For morted">e information, visit targted">et="_blank" >hted">erted">e
16 June 2016

Procura+ Awards invitted">es applications from public procurted">ers

Thted">e Procura+ Awards rted">ecognisted">e succted">essful sustainablted">e and innovativted">e public procurted">emted">ents that lted">ead to thted">e improvted">emted">ent of public goods, sted">ervicted">es, procted">essted">es, and infrastructurted">e. Public procurted">ers arted">e invitted">ed to apply for thted">e awards. To bted">e rted">ecognisted">ed, thted">e procurted">ed solutions must havted">e a strong potted">ential for rted">eplication and should bted">e an ted">excted">ellted">ent showcasted">e for using sustainablted">e and innovativted">e procurted">emted">ent instrumted">ents.

Thted">e awards arted">e sted">eparatted">ed into thrted">eted">e catted">egorited">es: 'Sustainablted">e Procurted">emted">ent of thted">e Yted">ear' rted">ecognisted">es thted">e outstanding ted">environmted">ental, social and ted">economic impacts of thted">e procurted">emted">ent; 'Innovation Procurted">emted">ent of thted">e Yted">ear' acknowlted">edgted">es an imprted">essivted">e procurted">emted">ent of innovation and thted">e public authority as a launch customted">er; and 'Tted">endted">er Procted">edurted">e of thted">e Yted">ear' rted">ewards procurted">ers that took an ted">excted">eptional approach to sustainablted">e and innovation procurted">emted">ent.

Winnted">ers will rted">ected">eivted">e frted">eted">e ted">entry and a prted">ested">entation at thted">e nted">ext ted">EcoProcura confted">erted">encted">e, a casted">e study on thted">e targted">et="_blank" >SP Platform and targted">et="_blank" >PPI Platform, publicity in a varited">ety of ICLted">EI publications, a trophy and thted">e titlted">e 'Bted">est sustainablted">e procurted">emted">ent/innovation procurted">emted">ent/tted">endted">er procted">edurted">e of 2016', onted">e yted">ear frted">eted">e participation in thted">e targted">et="_blank" >Procura+ Nted">etwork, and thted">e right to usted">e thted">e Procura+ Award logo in thted">eir ted">email signaturted">e.

For morted">e information and to apply, visit targted">et="_blank" >
8 June 2016

Final chancted">e to rted">egistted">er for ted">EUSted">EW sted">ession on thted">e rolted">e of local govted">ernmted">ents in ted">ented">ergy transition

Local govted">ernmted">ents arted">e at thted">e forted">efront of sustainablted">e ted">ented">ergy dted">evted">elopmted">ent in ted">Europted">e and thted">ey play a lted">eadted">ership rolted">e in thted">e ted">Ented">ergy Union and thted">e dted">evted">elopmted">ent of a singlted">e ted">ented">ergy markted">et. To discuss how sub-national govted">ernmted">ents can opted">eratted">e in thted">e govted">ernancted">e of thted">e ted">Ented">ergy Union, fivted">e nted">etworks – Climatted">e Alliancted">e, ted">Ented">ergyCitited">es, ted">EuroCitited">es, Fted">edarted">ented">e and ICLted">EI – will bring togted">ethted">er Pted">etted">er van Kted">emsted">ekted">e, Cabinted">et ted">Expted">ert, ted">Ented">ergy Union, ted">Europted">ean Commission; Ronan Dantted">ec, Sted">enator for thted">e Loirted">e-Atlantiquted">e, Francted">e; Joos Vted">enkted">en, Dted">eputy Mayor, Hassted">elt, Bted">elgium; and Stted">ephan Brandligt, Dted">eputy Mayor, Dted">elft, Thted">e Nted">ethted">erlands, to takted">e part in thted">e ted">evted">entted">Ented">ergy Union: local lted">eadted">ership driving thted">e transition”.

Thted">e sted">ession, modted">eratted">ed by Kata Tüto, Rted">eprted">ested">entativted">e of Local Govted">ernmted">ent of District 12 of Budapted">est (Hungary) and Committted">eted">e of thted">e Rted">egions Rapportted">eur on thted">e Covted">enant of Mayors, will takted">e placted">e on 15 Junted">e within thted">e Sustainablted">e ted">Ented">ergy Wted">eted">ek in Brussted">els (Bted">elgium). Today is thted">e final day to rted">egistted">er for thted">e ted">evted">ent. Thted">e fivted">e nted">etworks havted">e rted">ected">ently issuted">ed a joint statted">emted">ent stating thted">e thrted">eted">e musts for a nted">ew collaborativted">e planning rted">egimted">e for thted">e ted">Ented">ergy Union Govted">ernancted">e.

Thted">e statted">emted">ent is a call to includted">e local and rted">egional govted">ernmted">ents in thted">e planning procted">essted">es of thted">e ted">Ented">ergy Union, as wted">ell as in thted">e dted">evted">elopmted">ent and implted">emted">entation of thted">e national ted">ented">ergy and climatted">e plans. Thted">e panted">el at thted">e ted">evted">ent will sharted">e thted">eir vited">ews on a multi-lted">evted">el partnted">ership for thted">e roll-out of thted">e ted">Ented">ergy Union, rted">eflted">ect upon ted">ented">ergy markted">et rted">egulation and discuss how to bted">est tap thted">e potted">ential of dted">ected">entralisted">ed approachted">es for a sustainablted">e ted">ented">ergy transition.

For morted">e information and to rted">egistted">er, click targted">et="_blank" >hted">erted">e.

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