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29 February 2016

Valted">encia City Council and Cted">EPPI, amongst thted">e CNIS Awards finalists

Thted">e City of Valted">encia has bted">eted">en sted">elted">ectted">ed as a finalist of thted">e targted">et="_blank" >VI CNIS Awards for its participation within thted">e Cted">EPPI projted">ect. Thted">e prizted">e lited">es undted">er thted">e catted">egory of “Thted">e most innovativted">e ted">Europted">ean projted">ect”. Thted">e Award Cted">erted">emony will bted">e hted">eld in Madrid, on March 3 (<ted">em>Auditorio dted">e la Sted">edted">e dted">e la Fábrica Nacional dted">e Monted">eda y Timbrted">eted">em>).

Thted">e CNIS Awards (Congrted">eso Nacional dted">e Innovación y Sted">ervicios Públicos, National Congrted">ess of Innovation and Public Sted">ervicted">es) acknowlted">edgted">e thted">e commitmted">ent of public authoritited">es to movted">e towards thted">e transformation of thted">eir institutions and citited">es, implted">emted">enting innovativted">e solutions and introducing nted">ew tted">echnologited">es. Ovted">er 80 projted">ects wted">erted">e submittted">ed to this 6th ted">edition.

Rted">eprted">ested">entativted">es from diffted">erted">ent national, rted">egional and local administrations will takted">e part in thted">e Award Cted">erted">emony. Othted">er catted">egorited">es that arted">e considted">erted">ed arted">e “Bted">est Innovation Plan”, “Bted">est training action in Innovation”, “Bted">est Smart Citited">es projted">ect” and “Bted">est PPI initiativted">e”.

Click targted">et="_blank" >hted">erted">e to chted">eck thted">e list of finalists.
22 February 2016

First Cted">EPPI nted">ewslted">ettted">er rted">elted">easted">ed

Thted">e first ted">edition of thted">e Cted">EPPI ted">e-nted">ewslted">ettted">er is availablted">e now. This targted">et="_blank" >first issuted">e introducted">es how Cted">EPPI citited">es arted">e idted">entifying opportunitited">es to savted">e ted">ented">ergy through PPI.

Cted">EPPI – Coordinatted">ed ted">ented">ergy-rted">elatted">ed PPIs actions for citited">es – aims to build capacity in citited">es on how to achited">evted">e morted">e sustainablted">e ted">ented">ergy solutions through a pro-innovation procurted">emted">ent approach. Thted">e nted">ewslted">ettted">er covted">ers thted">e PPI Gap Analysis undted">ertakted">en by thted">e Cted">EPPI citited">es, including how it has ted">encouragted">ed thted">em to considted">er thted">eir strted">engths and wted">eaknted">essted">es rted">elating to PPI, and sted">et a basted">elinted">e against which to rted">evited">ew progrted">ess throughout thted">e projted">ect. It also informs about thted">e idted">entification of ted">ented">ergy hotspots and of possiblted">e arted">eas of PPI intted">ervted">ention. Thted">e participation of Cted">EPPI partnted">ers in thted">e Procura+ Sted">eminar hted">eld in Barcted">elona is also highlightted">ed in this issuted">e. ted">Each nted">ewslted">ettted">er will focus on a Cted">EPPI city. Valted">encia is thted">e first of this sted">erited">es.

Othted">er articlted">es rted">elatted">ed to thted">e projted">ect arted">e includted">ed in thted">e nted">ewslted">ettted">er, such as thted">e innovation markted">et call for thted">e targted">et="_blank" >8th ted">Europted">ean Confted">erted">encted">e on Sustainablted">e Citited">es & Towns and thted">e PPI Award.

Thted">e ted">e-nted">ewslted">ettted">er will bted">e publishted">ed ted">evted">ery six months with updatted">es on projted">ect nted">ews and othted">er rted">elatted">ed nted">ews. Thosted">e intted">erted">estted">ed in rted">ected">eiving issuted">e numbted">er 2 and arted">e not yted">et subscribted">ed, can subscribted">e targted">et="_blank" >hted">erted">e.
11 February 2016

ted">Europted">ean Commission invitted">es procurted">ers intted">erted">estted">ed in PPI and PCP to takted">e survted">ey

Thted">e ted">Europted">ean Commission has launchted">ed a survted">ey targted">etted">ed at procurted">ers, thted">e rted">esults of which will guidted">e thted">e allocation of funds for thted">e nted">ext Horizon 2020 Working Programmted">es. Thted">e survted">ey aims to collted">ect data from public procurted">ers that intted">end to procurted">e an innovativted">e solution in thted">e coming yted">ears. A budgted">et of around €130 million is availablted">e undted">er thted">e 2016 - 2017 Horizon 2020 Work Programmted">es to support procurted">ers that join togted">ethted">er to implted">emted">ent joint cross-bordted">er Prted">e-Commted">ercial Procurted">emted">ents (PCP) or Public Procurted">emted">ent of Innovation (PPI).

Thted">e short quted">estionnairted">e asks which typted">e of innovativted">e ICT solutions arted">e of most intted">erted">est to thted">e procurted">er’s organisation, giving sted">elted">ectablted">e ted">examplted">es such as advancted">ed computing, softwarted">e sted">ervicted">es or applications, and human-cted">entric ICT solutions. It also ted">enquirted">es as to thted">e organisation's potted">ential intted">erted">est in collaborating with othted">er procurted">ers and thted">e organisation's ted">expted">erited">encted">e in innovation procurted">emted">ent.

Thted">e survted">ey is hostted">ed on thted">e targted">et="_blank" >ted">eafip wted">ebsitted">e, a ted">Europted">ean Commission supportted">ed initiativted">e that focusted">es on promoting thted">e bted">ented">efits of innovation procurted">emted">ent, as wted">ell as providing training and assistancted">e to public procurted">ers with an intted">erted">est in implted">emted">enting innovation procurted">emted">ents of ICT basted">ed solutions across thted">e ted">EU.

To takted">e part in thted">e survted">ey, visit thted">e targted">et="_blank" >ted">eafip wted">ebsitted">e.

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