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29 November 2015

CEPPI cities identify their possible interventions

During the second partner meeting held in Barcelona, the five CEPPI cities presented to the other Consortium members their possible areas of intervention for their procurement of innovation activities within the project.

Birmingham City Council explained they had taken a step-by-step approach and reviewed the upcoming tenders to identify the best opportunities with the right mix of PPI and energy reduction requirements. The city announced that procurements related to their waste strategy, and refrigeration units for markets would be the two most likely projects to intervene in. Municipality of the City of Budapest mentioned the idea of implementing PPI practices in their tenders to retrofit the City Hall. InnDEAValencia introduced the opportunities they had been discussing with the City Council, such as city lighting, the fountain systems and sports centres. The importance of involving three different parties – the innovation department, the procurement department, and the specific department of the action – was emphasised. The public lighting and the harbour area refurbishment were also seen as projects with more potential within CEPPI. EIT+ presented its interest in focusing on the street lighting modernisation in Wroclaw. The city of Castelló is currently working on the identification of its opportunities.

Partners also discussed the idea of introducing innovative financing mechanisms for their actions. In the coming months, they will announce what their final projects will be.

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