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20 March 2017

A fire-station building refurbishment, first Valencia’s CEPPI action

Valencia has started working on its first procurement of innovation intervention: the refurbishment of a fire-station building constructed in the 1970s. InnDEA Valencia detected there was a need to renovate the facilities, as there were many deficiencies in terms of comfort for the firemen and firewomen, and energy efficiency and costs.

The building has a central heating system that does not allow for variable temperatures in different rooms, so it cannot be adjusted for the needs of the individual parts of the building. A similar problem affects the lights of the facility. Other possibilities for innovation and energy saving were identified in the vehicles being used by the fire-brigade. InnDEA Valencia, partner in the project, and the fire station staff have signed a memorandum of understanding to show their commitment to start a PPI intervention for the refurbishment of the building.

The first step to be taken is to carry out an energy audit of the facilities, planned for the upcoming weeks. Afterwards, the CEPPI intervention will start in this highly promising PPI demonstration case.

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