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29 October 2018

CEPPI project meets energy saving targets through innovation procurement

The CEPPI project concluded in July having intervened in a variety of innovation procurement opportunities, with an energy saving impact estimated at over 100GWh/year in the long term. These include a hydrogen bus investment, smart energy efficiency street lighting and energy efficiency transformations of schools, hospitals and fire stations.

Starting in 2015 and coordinated by Optimat, CEPPI (Coordinated energy-related Public Procurement of Innovation) aimed to demonstrate how European cities can make more rapid progress towards achieving their energy-related objectives through the strategic use of public procurement and specifically through the adoption of pro-innovation procurement methods.  Representatives of five city authorities of different sizes and cultures (Birmingham, Budapest, Castellon, Valencia and Wroclaw) participated in a ‘Living Lab’ by adopting and, where necessary, adapting public procurement of innovation (PPI) methodologies in forthcoming tenders.

The full list of procurement interventions and supporting resources are available to view on the project website. The project has also produced a package of in-depth guidance, which includes Energy Innovation Procurement: A Guide For City Authorities, the methodology that was created and applied within the CEPPI project known as the ‘Flexible Framework for Energy Innovation Procurement’ and a series of learning materials that have been prepared to communicate key insights, know-how and skills in innovation related procurement.

For more information on the CEPPI project and its procurement interventions, visit the project website.

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